The Concept2 Model D is the norm one of all rowers, from novices to professional athletes. To be blunt, the Concept2 is the sole ergometer seen as suitable from the entirety of the rowing machine worldwide. You'll get that in numerous gyms and fitness facilities. Engineered with a former Olympic rower, there's absolutely no comparison when it comes to the most commonly recognized and employed professional rowing machine in the whole world.


Structure: Aluminum front & steel back
Resistance: Air
Rowing Belt: Nickel Plated Steel Chain
Screen: Backlight, USB drive, space, speed, speed, calories, watts, Bluetooth wireless heart rate monitoring
Storage & Mobility: Separates into two pieces. Caster wheels
Max. User Weight: 500 pounds.

Very lightweight but incredibly hardy. This is sometimes utilized hours every day by multiple men and women. The series isn't overly loud. You might see a bit of sound from the atmosphere resistance enthusiast, but it is not loud enough to be a nuisance.


Performance is the point where the Concept2 Model D actually shines. The PM5 (Performance Monitor 5) may join to habit, compatible RowPro applications, which is a massive advantage that you only purchase with a Concept2. The rowing simulators are super fun and engaging! The PM5 monitor saves information on each stroke -- this permits you to compete against your prior rows or online against people all over the globe. The free software from Concept2 may upload information from a USB cable connection or a USB thumb push to online applications. You may compare your progress into tens of thousands of other people around the planet, and see their own images and standings! For an extra $100, you can buy the RowPro software that's an extremely motivational tool to drive one through all your rowing workouts. You can try save with Back Friday or Cyber Monday deals click here for latest concept 2 rower for sale deals and learn how to find better deals on concept2 rowing machines.

Cheaper exercise machines normally use magnetic immunity, but the Concept2 Model D is air resistance just. The benefit air resistance has more magnetic immunity is that it lets you start your row stroke at the same degree of force. Since you build momentum, then you finish your leg stroke together with the flywheel moving quickly -- that makes it a lot easier to pull the final bit from the flywheel (at this stage, your arms will feel as though they're on fire and prepared to give out because of magnetic immunity's continuous pressure). Air resistance provides you that sense of achievement when you pull all of the way.


The chair is made from solid rubber. Quite honestly, it is not the lightest. You are not likely to feel just like you are sitting on a cloud. However, the Concept2 chair has search behind it -- it is designed to balance the ideal quantity of pillow throughout your workout. Softer chairs may initially create your buttocks feel as if it is more comfy, but it might reduce your blood flow during prolonged or more intense sessions. You may always, of course, buy a gel pillow or milder seat. But we do not think that will be critical.

The ergonomic handle includes a 10-degree bend which lets you row using a natural arm and hand posture.


Only shy out of a grand. Nonetheless, it's well worth every penny.

Extraordinarily strong. Though the Concept2 Model D is significantly more costly than other possibilities, it's undoubtedly the longest-lasting and easiest to maintain. The issue with more affordable rowers is that bits have a tendency to drop off with time. That is not the case with this Concept2 Model D.

This rower is excellent for everybody. Really. And it is the greatest rowing machine which can last you last for a lifetime. While the purchase price is on the heavier side, you really get what you pay for. And much more.

After doing some extensive research, these would be the best bang for your buck when it comes to deciding on a new rower to your exercise regime. As somebody who's actively trying to find the ideal exercise gear, this listing of the best rated rowers is updated in case there are some new versions that blow off the rest from the water. Thus, if you are not ready to get, simply bookmark this page and return whenever you're ready to compare the versions in thickness and make that last choice.

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Before You Apply The Rower

Although you may be anxious to leap on your house rowing machine as soon as you get everything setup in your house gym, but once you do so it's a fantastic idea to get used to the best methods for exercising on this kind of gear. You do not wish to make the very same mistakes other novices make. And the final thing which you need to occur would be to give yourself a back injury simply because you're too excited to understand what you're doing before you beginning to workout to the rower.

Appropriate form is quite simple to keep and it's very important that you concentrate on the right form not only because it is going to prevent any harm to your spine from occurring, but also because it is going to make the most of the fitness results which you get from working out this kind of gym gear. Assuming that you purchased the rower to tone your body from head to toe, you want to utilize it correctly to acquire all those upper and lower body toning benefits. While we've got loads of advice here on Athletically that will assist you use the machine correctly, you could also just have a look at the video below to get a couple of quick tips on utilizing your new home gym equipment the ideal way the first time and during your complete possession period.